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All of You - Christina  Lee Originally reviewed on These Pretty Words.First things first – I read this book in three hours which included a trip to the Starbucks in the lower level of the hotel I was staying in at the time. I skipped dinner. I ignored my friends. I simply read these beautiful words…and I loved them.Avery Michaels is not your typical female protagonist, especially in the land of YA/NA books. She’s coarse and crass, aggressively sexual and not at all ashamed to identify herself as a player. I didn’t like her at first– I couldn’t find anything relatable about her. In fact, I thought about flouncing for the first three chapters because of her.But then the storyline began to move in a way to show how Avery was raised and why she behaved the way she did. So terrified of becoming what she’d grown up hating, she’s swung her actions to the opposite end of the pendulum. I can’t say that her history excused her behavior, but I truly began to understand her. Pain and fear can make the best of us…not so good.And what kind of a romance would it be without a swoony boy - which brings us to Bennett. Sweet…beautiful…tattooed…virgin Bennett. That’s right…a male virgin. Talk about flipping the stereotypical roles in romance fiction. Bennett is the yin to Avery’s yang – the sweet, disarming, adorable, protective man who wants her for more than just a tumble in the sheets. He’s so sure, so confident in his choice to wait for love before he has sex. It’s not about religious idealism or looking for that mythical “one”, it’s just about finding love instead of just finding release. I liked him…a lot. And every word out of his mouth just makes the reader fall more in love with him.I think what Christina did well in this book is to show how a person can grow and change and better themselves if they just open their eyes and their hearts. Avery was a woman trapped by fear – of love, of losing herself, of giving everything up to someone who could hurt her. Bennett has his own trust issues but he’s a bit less damaged so he becomes the touchstone Avery needs to see past the things holding her back. Together, they form a close friendship that ends up being a solid base for what becomes a wonderful love story. Though it’s not without it’s share of drama.I give this book 3-1/2 stars. I think the characters had depth and appeal, I think the author showed their growth through a romance that was more slow burn than immediate fire, and I think many of the secondary characters attributed to a poignant and thoughtful story of getting over your past to find your future. The pacing was rushed at the end, there was a bit of forced drama that really wasn’t necessary and the repetition of certain phrasing was distracting of times. But in the end, I loved the story, loved Bennett, and would absolutely recommend this book to anyone wanting to read a realistic love story.I’ll be quoting this book for a long time to come and counting down the days until Before You Break, a companion novel to All of You, comes out in 2014.

Plus One

Plus One - Brighton Walsh Originally reviewed for These Pretty Words.I purchased my copy of Plus One on release day yet never even loaded it onto my Nook. I wasn’t reading at the time and definitely wasn’t in the mood for any kind of romance as I was deep in the I-Have-An-Infant-And-Never-Get-To-Sleep mode. Months later, I was looking for something quick to read while on vacation and finally loaded up my copy of Brighton’s novel.I didn’t put it down until I had hit the final page.The book opens with the main female character, Olivia, in the middle of a ridiculously bad date, which appears to be a repetitive issue for her. At the ripe old age of thirty-two, she’s beginning to wonder if Mr. Right (or even Mr. Right-Now) is out there, while also trying to figure out how to not end up dateless for the nine upcoming weddings she has invitations for. Having passed that magical moment of “OMG How did I become a spinster already and why are all my friends getting married right now?” I totally understood the pressure and anxiety she felt in this situation. Even if I hadn’t passed (and survived, I might add) that milestone, Olivia’s voice comes through loud and clear on the page. Brighton writes a main character with spunk and sass, one who knows who she is and isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. She’s relatable, adorable and had me laughing out loud more than once.Now let’s talk about Ian, shall we? Olivia’s best friend’s younger brother, Ian has been one of her closest friends for most of her life. He’s funny, handsome, charming and completely, madly in love with a clueless Olivia. He also happens to be sexy and flirtatious, but we get to that a bit later. Ian left town to move beyond his childhood crush, but agreeing to be Olivia’s “plus one” for all of the weddings she needs dates for brings back all those old feelings. The longing, the confusion, the want…Ian’s unrequited love is a true gut-knotter. You can feel how much he loves Olivia through his thoughts and words, and you just want to crawl into the pages and play matchmaker for the couple. Unfortunately, he has no idea how to move their relationship from great-friends to great-in-bed…but after a few weeks of cocktails and other people’s wedding vows, he’s willing to try.The sexual tension between these two simply skyrockets as the book progresses. Every touch, every dress, every dance…it all builds up, setting and keeping a fast pace through words so pretty, you’ll be cheering out loud for these two to get together. Every sentence, every bit of witty banter between these two, leads up to Olivia and Ian pushing their relationship so far out of the friend zone, they may never find their way back.At least we all hope they don’t.I gave this a five star rating on Goodreads. It’s an adorable story with a strong female lead and a swoony male counterpart. Plus One is sweet and charming and will leave you wishing this was just the beginning of a series so you could see more of Olivia and Ian as they navigate the not-just-friends-zone together. This is definitely a go, run, buy – NOW! kind of book.

How to Discipline Your Vampire

How to Discipline Your Vampire - Mina Vaughn This was originally a mediocre fanfic with a lot of similarities to the source material. This "novel" just shows a lack of creativity.
Letters to Katie - Kathleen Fuller Originally reviewed for
Never Deal with Dragons - Lorenda Christensen Originally posted on These Pretty WordsI’ve been on a shifter kick lately. Most of the books I’ve read have been about wolf shifters but when I saw a dragon shifter book, I decided I had to give it a chance. The book is written from the point-of-view of Myrna Banks, administrative assistant to a worthless boss at DRACIM – Dragon Relations, Arbitration and Cooperative Interspecies Mediation. Paper pusher? Sounds like it. But when a book opens with a line like “It’s amazing how often my day starts with a three-legged dragon and an enraged dairy farmer”, I’m pretty sure the character’s going to give us more than just a new file plan.From the first chapter, I loved Myrna. Snarky, smart, full of moxy – this was a leading lady after my own heart. I wanted to hop on over into her world, head to a bar and have a chocolate martini with her while complaining about workplace politics and the restrictiveness of the pencil skirt. And then along comes Trian.My attraction was disgusting. More than that, it was damned inconvenient.Oh Trian. I wanted to hate him. He’d stolen something important to Myrna and left her to clean up his mess, the weasel. And yet there was something about him that made my heart flutter every time his name was brought up. Strong, handsome, confident…everything that makes my heart swoon like a thirteen-year-old at a One Direction concert.Myrna and Trian are pulled into a dangerous negotiation with a nasty dragon lord, and they dragged all that baggage from their failed relationship along with them. The interaction between the two was a total rollercoaster – from attraction to anger to denial to surrender – they kept me scrolling through the pages just waiting to see what could possibly happen next. And what Lorenda did so well in this book was write both these main characters with wonderfully strong personalities. Neither was going to dominate the other, neither was going to go down without a fight, and that made for some seriously fantastic interaction.Despite my best efforts to forget him, Trian had been a near-constant companion since the night he left. I might have hated him, but I loved him just as passionately.I’ve given Never Deal with Dragons four stars on Goodreads and will definitely be reading more from the series as they are published. Whether you are a dragon-lover, a shifter-lover or just someone looking for a book with some fabulous banter, Never Deal with Dragons should definitely be added to your to-be-read list immediately.

Dearly, Beloved

Dearly, Beloved - This book took me FOREVER to finish. While in the end I liked the story and can't wait for the next installment, this one was a tough read. It was slow to start, the plot meandered a bit and there just wasn't enough of Bram/Nora. I still love Lia's writing, still love these characters, I just think a lot of this book could have ended up being cut without much effect on the overall plot of the story.
Bloodlines (Conversion, #2) - S.C. Stephens I really didn't want to read this book as I barely finished the first one but a friend promised me it was 'so much better' than Conversion. So I listened. And I read it. And I liked it more.
Bloodlines (Conversion, #2) - S.C. Stephens I really didn't want to read this book as I barely finished the first one but a friend promised me it was 'so much better' than Conversion. So I listened. And I read it. And I liked it more.

Conversion (Conversion #1)

Conversion (Conversion #1) - S.C. Stephens I can't say I would recommend this book. The story was okay, the overall plot sounded intriguing. But the writing was not great, the repetitiveness of the main character's thoughts was frustrating and, in the end, I just really didn't like the book. In my opinion, this would be a good fanfiction story, but it's not OF novel quality.

Conversion (Conversion #1)

Conversion (Conversion #1) - S.C. Stephens I can't say I would recommend this book. The story was okay, the overall plot sounded intriguing. But the writing was not great, the repetitiveness of the main character's thoughts was frustrating and, in the end, I just really didn't like the book. In my opinion, this would be a good fanfiction story, but it's not OF novel quality.

Longing For Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island, #7)

Longing For Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island, #7) - Marie Force Still love this series. I will say that, with the new couples coming into the picture, keeping track of everyone can be tricky. I read all seven books within about a week and I still had trouble remembering which woman was with which brother. Also, with so much happening with the previous couples, the new love stories are getting a bit shorter than I'd like. Overall, though, I loved the book and can't wait for the next one.
Season for Love - Marie Force Another fabulous story from Marie Force. I love watching all these couple grow and bond!

Hoping for Love: McCarthys of Gansett Island, Book 5

Hoping for Love  - Marie Force Another great book from Marie Force in this series. Honestly, the way she weaves in her new characters and updates us on the lives of her previous main couples, the story reminds me of some great movies like Love Actually and Playing by Heart. Lots of little stories coming together to create one fantastic book! On to the next one!
Falling for Love - Marie Force Adorable. Once again, Marie Force writes a wonderful romance. Fun, sweet...hot. Loved it!
Ready for Love - Marie Force Great contemporary romance! Easy to read, full of love and sweetness while still being true to a heartbreaking story. I loved the other couples that came into the picture and teh glimpses we got to see of the couples from the previous books.

Maid for Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island, Book 1)

Maid for Love - Marie Force Cute book. Nothing too deep or surprising - really it was your typical romance. The characters were a bit quick to fall but overall the story was adorable. I'll be reading the next in the series.